Sacred Wisdom Journey and Salaton Ole Ntutu Elder Graduation Ceremony – Kenya, November 2022.

We’re so excited to announce a once-in-a-lifetime journey to experience Kenya’s diverse wildlife and incredible biodiversity exclusively for you – our Sacred Fire Foundation family! This small group expedition will take you to the home of Chief Salaton Ole Ntutu, our 2021 Wisdom Treasure Award recipient, to experience the richness and spirit of the Maasai people. Visitors will stay in Maji Moto – a real Maasai community, rather than in a commercially-built camp. While  there, you’ll  have the chance to experience the intimacy of village life.

Born and raised in the heart of the African savanna, Salaton Ole Ntutu is a warrior, community chief, shaman, and visionary leader in the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe in Kenya. 

A tradition practiced by the Maasai for centuries, Salaton left his family at age 14 to begin “warriorship.” This meant surviving in the African bush for more than 7 years with nothing but his blanket and spear. He faced wild animals and was at times forced to kill lions, leopards, and buffalo with just a knife and spear. Salaton relied on survival skills he learned as a young boy, including an understanding of the natural world that is largely absent in the western world. 


As a child, Salaton was chosen to receive the spiritual knowledge of his Ancestors. He was blessed with spiritual and energetic gifts which enable him to experience strong connections with people and nature. He uses his gifts for communication, healing, and protection of others and carries on the medicine work of his late mother, a renowned medicine woman, midwife, and shamanic healer.


Salaton WTA2021

He is known throughout the Maasai community for his courage and wisdom. As a key partner and advisor for international nonprofit organizations, Chief Salaton raises awareness and funding for critical projects in Narok, Kenya, spanning numerous high-profile projects in education, health, and conservation.

Chief Salaton was our 2021 Wisdom Treasure Award recipient.

On this life changing journey guests can expect walks in the hills with Maasai warriors, warrior training, and a women’s project village visit for a look at local traditional life with bead making and manyatta homes, and sharing a campfire with the Maasai warriors. You’ll also visit community projects such as the school and a beekeeping project that is supported by our Protecting the Sacred Program. 



Salaton is currently of an age and status in his community that he is ready to graduate to Elder status, with a ceremony that can last over multiple days and include specific rituals, traditions and blessings that have been in Maasai culture from the beginning of their time. 


We are humbled to have been invited to participate in this ceremony, and bring along guests for an experience that is not normally open to people outside of the Maasai community. Because of Salaton’s enduring connection to our organization, he would be honored to have these honored guests by his side during this auspicious occasion – and you’re invited! 


Salaton hopes that the Maasai culture can be preserved and that by protecting Maasai traditions, he can empower his community with training in tourism and jobs for local Maasai community members as well as support local vulnerable women by providing them a protected community to live in. 

If he can demonstrate to the community and all Kenyan people that we can still make a living by preserving traditions and respecting the natural world, he believes he will have succeeded.

For details about the 7 or 12-day journeys, click to view the Sacred Wisdom Journeys 2022 ITINERARY BROCHURE


The price for the trip is $3,500 per person for 12 days, and $2,000 per person for 7 days.

20% deposit is due on booking, with the balance due 6 weeks before travel.  

Other costs not included are: 

  • Kenya Visa $50
  • Tips approximately $10-$20 per person per day, depending on services
  • Optional gift in the amount of your choosing to Salaton’s community in honor of joining his Elder graduation ceremony. Some ways your dollars go a long way in Kenya:

        $5 buys curriculum books and school supplies

        $35 buys a required school uniform

        $50 pays for meals for the entire school for one week

        $100 – $5000 funds community farm needs such as improving water management, creating permaculture capabilities, etc.

        $200 pays for one month of meals for all students

        $800 pays for a day student scholarship for the full year

        $1500 pays for a full year boarding student (especially important for at-risk girls)



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