Buddha in Redface by Eduardo Duran Ph.D. Third Edition 

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Tarrance began to explain. “The vibrations you feel are coming the origins of the dreamtime. It’s the song of the dreamtime that was here from the beginning. That energy is pure and absolute: it’s pure love and compassion. The mixing-up of the energy with energy from the minds of the dreamers projected into that gourd- that’s where the confusion in the dreamtime has been. This is the intention that became the cause for the effect.

“Karma is action through intention and is the cause of all suffering and freedom from suffering,” Tarrance continued. “Since that time, dreamers have had to resort to all types of. Interpreting devices to understand the dreamtime, and only then can they understand even a little bit of it.  You see, its’ not because awareness is cloudy. It’s because of the cloudiness that’s been placed on the awareness by the ignorant and attached intention of the brain illusion. Big implications, even though this happened a long time ago; in the dreamtime it happened right now and continues to happen every time there is a “right now” in this moment.”

The Quiet One took up the explanation. “You see, the sorcerers then, and then again in the Thirties and Forties when they were building the bomb, knew what they were doing. They were splitting the atom in search of the awareness itself, still thinking that they could then control the awareness. In splitting the atom, they were searching for the original spirit of God that the alchemists thought was trapped in matter- the lapis philosophorum, or the philosopher’s stone.  

“The interesting part of this is that the spirit the alchemists were looking for was the spirit of Sophia, of the female side of God”, he continued. “I’m sure you’re aware that this was lost or put away in western thought several thousand years ago, and the masculine energy has ruled with a total lack of harmony. The sorcerers are still looking for the spirit of God, except that in their ignorance, they only create destruction because of the lack of balance. All of this came in a dream, you know; the dream itself gave the sorcerers the key knowledge they needed to get into the center of creation itself. You do know about the dream Einstein had when he was riding on a beam of light. Well, it was no accident, even according to him, that he had this dream. Then Oppenheimer came here and smoked tobacco on this very spot where generations ago he was involved in the gourd ceremony. The original gourd later grew into the bigger gourd called “Fat Boy”. It was hauled out the back way and dropped on our relatives in Japan. That was the culmination of the ugliest ceremony conjured up by the dreamers who had been trapped in a mind state of grief and anger.”

I was impressed by the Quiet Ones insights.

“Why is it significant that Oppenheimer was smoking tobacco?” I asked.

“Tobacco is the prayer and connection with the awareness,” Tarrance said softly. “He was offering his prayer through the tobacco – back to the gourd with the hot stones inside the earth. You see, in what you call his unconscious mind, he had awareness that this was where he had been part of starting the ceremony in the dreamtime several lifetimes ago.”

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