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Solstice Descent by Pat McCabe (Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining) Diné

My stance: Spirit is greater than any/everything. Almost 30 years ago it was proposed to me that “God is either everything or nothing… what was my choice to be?” I made my choice. I have been living it ever since. (I had lived the other choice also for many years.)

An elder spoke this to me recently: “Is racism greater than Spirit? Is scarcity greater than Spirit? Of course not! That’s ludicrous! Spirit is greater. Spirit is greater than existence even!” In every circumstance, in every instance, Spirit is greater.

And so how do I live the Truth of this? How can/should/does my behavior reflect this reality? Do I live in such a way that allows the greater Spirit to enter and transcend all human thinking, stories, identities, definitions of “the problem,” solutions, manifestos, histories, loyalties, victories, defeats? How do I live the Truth of deepest freedom which is inextricably bound to the omnipotent reality of Spirit? 

“If you say you are Spiritual, then let it all go… give it all away… and start over with nothing. Spirit does this all the time…” Is this referring only to material possessions? Or is it referring also to mental possessions? Emotional possessions? Spiritual possessions?

Sometimes I pray, Spirit, show me, what else could I be thinking other than what I always think… show me, what else could I be feeling other than what I always feel… show me, what else I could be doing other than what I always do… show me, what else could I be saying other than what I always say… show me the full spectrum of possibilities… show me what you would do if you were right here in my shoes…

“In order to allow for a new reality, we will have to give up something. We will have to give up some of our existing reality in order to allow for a new reality…”

If my ancestors do not rest frozen in time where they fell, justly or unjustly, forever bound in atrocity, but instead continue to evolve from that moment to this, with sight beyond sight as can be/is afforded in the Spirit World, with multidimensional perception, within the context of time out of time, can it be that with all of this capacity, that they remain bent on revenge? Are they still bound by material greed and conquest in the immaterial realm? Do they remain male or female, brown or white, tall or short, healthy or unhealthy? Or do they become something else entirely? From their extraordinary vantage, what would they hope for me, knowing what they know now? Where would they/are they leading me to now? What concerns them most as they watch me in my Earth Walk Life? Do they ask for my trauma? Does it/can it help them? Do they ask for my defense? How do they feel about Earth? Where do they draw their knowledge and insight from? Only from Earth, or is it possible they draw now from the stars too? How does that change their view? How different is it from mine?

I can imagine my ancestors radiantly pointing to a Thriving Life reality on a flourishing Earth. This is seemingly only possible if there is a recognition of the profound interrelatedness of our situation. But there I go again… I do not know what is possible. But… can I/I can choose to orient, moment by moment, in such a way, that allows for the Highest Possibility for Life, Light, and Love to manifest, knowing fully, that I do not know what that is?/. Perhaps my lively, contemporary, expanded-capacity, ancestors do. Perhaps my ancestors remain in full possession of their love for me. Perhaps they would do anything for me, including leading me into a viable, beautiful future, that is also, somehow, of my own making, made in the freedom of my choices, consent by consent, instant by instant.

What shall my contribution be, in this time out time? How do I move with such power, possibility, and freedom, with a thousand ancestors not only behind me, but even more thrilling, far ahead of me, reconciled, retrieved, resurrected and luminous? Beckoning…

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