In response to the urgent calling we are all feeling during this challenging and transformative time, and in solidarity with our Sacred Fire Foundation community and the many Elders we have had the privilege to work alongside, we are grateful to be able to share messages and wisdom, from the Elders, with the global community through this new series, Seeds of Wisdom.

Whenever possible, you’ll hear directly from the Elders themselves but there may be times when we are asked to speak on their behalf. We will also translate these messages from English into Spanish, French and Portuguese whenever possible. We send our deepest gratitude to the Elders who will guide us back to where we belong. Back to the sacred fire of the heart.

This message is from our 2018 Wisdom Treasure Award recipient, Pauline Tangiora, a Maori Elder from the North Island of New Zealand. You can learn more about Pauline’s incredible achievements at:

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